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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Practice


Are you currently accepting new clients?

Yes, all of our therapists are accepting new clients for therapy services at this time.

How often will we meet?

We will decide together!

Do you accept insurance? What are your rates? Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Each of our therapists are different when it comes to insurances accepted. We have different rates for different services. We are more than happy to give specifics during our initial conversation. 
For those of us who do not accept insurance, we are considered out-of-network with most insurances and can offer you a superbill to help you obtain reimbursement. It may be helpful to reach out to your insurance company to see what your out-of-network benefits are for outpatient mental health services. Again, we can discuss this in our initial conversation if you have any questions!
Yes, we absolutely offer sliding scale rates and are more than happy to discuss. 

Do you provide remote or in-person therapy?

Both! We all offer remote or in-person sessions. Our telehealth sessions are offered through a Secure, HIPAA-compliant portal called SimplePractice.

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